Recorded In Hollywood: The Musical

Recorded In Hollywood – The Musical: The true and fascinating story of legendary Los Angeles music producer John Dolphin. A well-respected and successful black businessman, record label owner, and music producer well before Motown ever existed. In 1948 he opened his World Famous Dolphin’s Of Hollywood Record Shop on legendary Central Avenue in South Los Angeles, the music mecca on the west coast, but his contributions to music and the formative years of Rock’n’Roll have often been overlooked. Based on the book Recorded In Hollywood: The John Dolphin Story, the new musical features 16 original songs to match the musical era of the 1950s, as well as some hit cover songs associated with the story.

Lovin John Dolphin, a minimogul who had almost every facet of the record business covered, had taken Los Angeles by storm and brought people of all colors together through music. Dolphin named his record shop  Dolphin’s of Hollywood, this was his way of bringing Hollywood to blacks, a record store on Central Avenue, the music mecca of the west coast, that would stay open 24 hours a day to cater to the late-shift workforce. The store featured deejays like Huggy Boy and Hunter Hancock broadcasting live on the radio station KRKD, in front of the huge glass window Mr. Dolphin had installed on the face of the store so that people on the outside could see in. Some of the most popular deejays found a home for their art in front of this window, playing for late night crowds of Blacks, White and Latinos, who would dance and party together well after dark, until the cops came and shut the parties down.




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