“If I put it out, it’s going to be something you love”, words from Smoove himself taking from his latest interview at the Dolphins of Hollywood offices. “Expect the unexpected when it comes to me…it’s going to get better every time, for sure”. Smoove is a hip hop/rap fan first and when asked about other artist and those currently on the radio here’s what he had to say, “I think Wayne is hot, that’s first and foremost, honestly after that Kanye, you can throw Jezzy in there…really I’m just trying to be where those dudes is at, I don’t have no hate.”

“I’m a hip hop nomad; I can go anywhere and blend in”. Raised in Compton and Downey, CA he also lived in the south in Tennessee, he has drawn comparisons to Snoop Dogg and Fabolous for his laid back attitude and flow. “My style is just real versatile. It’s something that you can just bob your head to, even if you don’t feel it.” Smoove has also gotten a lot of attention as a lyricist; “When I do music or when I listen to music I first listen to the words…and that’s what I bring to music, what I’m saying…lyrically I’m bringing it every song.”

Smoove speaks on the music he’s putting out and his upcoming full album release titled Holla at’cha Mac; “I got whatever you need, you want something hard I got that, you want something soft I got that, you looking to dance I got that, if somebody gotta die I got that too…I got whatever type music.” “You know I got that Holla at’cha Mac album coming, I got some hot joints on there, though we’re still recording…I wanna see what happens with Keep It Poppin, so until further notice that’s all I can say right now.”

“I know y’all been waiting, I been waiting. I’m on my way…and I got what everybody been waiting to hear, what I’m bringing nobody else got, that’s straight up. I feel like if I be humble success will come, but I also feel like I gotta show everybody what I got. I’m all bottled up right now, I’m like a shaken soda, bottled up and once that top come off, everybody will know.