Hollywood Smoove


Born in Compton, the aspiring and multi talented rapper/producer Hollywood Smoove born William Kidwell, started his professional rap career as a member of Enemy Of The State (EOS), a Hip-Hip group consisting of 3 members all representing California from L.A. to the Bay.

As a member of EOS, Smoove had gotten a lot of attention as a true lyricist with his clever punch lines and also as a electrifying performer who can rock in front of any crowd. Smoove earned his name by being himself, from his delivery on the mic as well as his way with the ladies. Smoove loves to interact with fans of his music and he is constantly trying to improve and become a better artist at all times.

Hip-Hop executives and media outlets have already drawn comparisons between West Coast heavyweight Snoop Dogg and East Coast rhymespitter Fabolous for Hollywood Smoove’s laid back style and attitude as he simply put it: “My style is real versatile — it’s something you can bob your head to, even if you don’t feel it.”